Harper’s Purpose

We have a passion to live our purpose everyday at Driscoll Brands and Harper’s Homemade! We believe in being a force for good in the world and in the lives of our team members, customers, and communities.

The Purpose of the Driscoll Company and all its employees is to provide joy, happiness, and opportunity among God’s children.

Do you know of someone in need? If so, help us live our purpose by clicking below and telling us about them and how we could help.


    At Driscoll Brands and Harper's Homemade, we have a passion to live our purpose everyday! We believe in being a force for good in the world and in the lives of our team members, customers and communities.

    When people ask why we do what we do, they are often surprised to hear that it has very little to do with selling bread. By design, we consistently bake more bread than we can sell. Just within the states of Idaho and Utah, where our bread is currently sold, there are over 225,000 children who are food insecure, meaning they are uncertain where their next meal will come from. This is a staggering statistic and one that we frankly refuse to accept without a fight.

    Our primary focus is to provide for hungry families. We partner with local food banks, shelters, activity centers, and other community groups where we can donate our bread, as well as our time and money, in the fight against local hunger. What this means for our loyal customer base is that for each loaf of Harper's Homemade they purchase, they are also providing between 2 and 3 meals for a hungry child in their own community. This effort would be satisfying on its own, but the fact that we do it by baking the most delicious bread makes that personal satisfaction so much sweeter.

    Nothing brings our family and company greater satisfaction than fulfilling on a purpose more meaningful than profits. Please check back for more stories and experiences on how we are...

    “Living with Purpose”