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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Harper’s Homemade Bread, please email us at:


From scratch, using only the finest natural ingredients. Our operating philosophy is to create truly authentic homemade bread through a carefully overseen and monitored baking process.
Our bread can be found in many Utah and Idaho locations. Take a look at our store locator to find the location closest to you.
To view the ingredients of our breads, please visit our
Nutrition Page
Yes we do! We have put several of our favorites on our recipes page. We will continue to add more recipes to our site as we find more favorites.
Every ingredient is wholesome and natural, so the delicious taste naturally comes through!
Yes, we are working on it! We will announce new locations on our Facebook page as they open up.
Natural ingredients may cause the quality of the bread to decline after three days, as they would in any naturally baked bread. Refrigeration or freezing helps to prolong the freshness and taste of Harper's Homemade Bread.
Yes! It refrigerates wonderfully!