About Harper's Bread type
Baker kneading dough

Harper’s Homemade Bread has a intriguing history. It began in 2001 in Pocatello, Idaho, where a family of bakers came up with new ideas for baking bread which would resemble as closely as possible the flavor and natural wholesomeness of homemade bread and yet be available to consumers over a large geographic area.

Through a carefully overseen and exacting process of bread making, refined over years of combined experience and using only the finest ingredients, the Harper’s family of bakers arrived at a delicious and nutritious solution which has grown into a favorite amongst bread lovers. Made lovingly from scratch, each loaf of Harper’s homemade bread embodies the full flavor and nutrition of bread freshly baked at home - at a fraction of the cost.

Baked fresh daily at our Pocatello bakery, Harper’s Homemade is distributed within Idaho and Utah. The company has experienced such favorable response over recent years that growth has become inevitable. Harper’s is now poised to provide its great, natural taste to stores and markets in additional regions.

Harper’s Homemade Bread comes in three mouth-watering flavors: White, Honey Wheat, and Bran. One taste of Harper’s Homemade will convince you to make the switch from preserved loaves to Harper’s freshly delicious and nutritious bread. Whether you're creating gourmet French toast, hearty sandwiches, toast with jam, or any other culinary delight which involves good bread, you’ll agree that Harper’s Homemade is the right choice for you and your family. After one taste, you’ll wish your neck was a mile long! Be sure to ask for it by name at your local supermarket - Harper’s Homemade Bread. To learn about the nutritional value of our breads, visit our Nutrition Page.

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